Welcome to the Premier Software Services Page. Listed Below is the Services that we offer to our customers.


Premier offer a range of Servers for NT, UNIX, and LINUX built to match the requirement of the user and we can provide client PCs. We supply D3, FlashCONNECT and related products from Rocket Software and as a Value Added Reseller for Rocket Software we offer support and some added features to the products. We also provide a range of products including terminal emulator software. Our own products, mostly written in D3, are listed on our products page.


We can install the D3 system on the chosen Operating System, and set up the printers, client PCs with an appropriate terminal emulator if required. Most Client PC’s have Internet Explorer already installed. We will install FireFox as a preferred browser. During installation we would create links to your Intranet server to provide the connection to your Web Server.


We provide support services to our customers for all the software and hardware we provide. All calls are logged on our helpdesk and the customer is given a log number. The response times to our support calls are very impressive. We also offer an on line fault logging service, which issues the customer with a fault number and is logged in our helpdesk.


Where new customers decide to use our software, and were using a similar package before, we have been able to transfer their data into our system. We can also offer data creation facilities using spreadsheets and our specialised software. This has saved a lot of work for our customers.


Premier Software can provide a total solution for system installation. As our solutions are web based we can also offer systems that we look after for you that run remotely from your site. This means that you only have to make one telephone call to get help, which can save a lot of your staff's valuable time.

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