Premier Software Ltd. were formed in 1985 to develop the D3 version of the Works Information and Management System (WIMS). This was a Crown Copyright product and was primarily designed for the Health Service. WIMS was a Facilities Management package and therefore could be used commercially. The software was looked after by the Healthcare Facilities Consortium (HFC). WIMS has been superceded by Apollo-FM.

Apollo-fm is a web based Facilities package which uses a product called FlashCONNECT which allows connections to the D3 database via HTML pages, through a Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Apollo-FM runs on Premier Software's FlashMenus system, that adds the security and menus to enable the user to navigate the system. FlashMenus also provides the Search Engine, and Report Writer for Apollo-FM

Premier specialises in connecting the database to the web, allowing this poweful database to be used by an infinite numbers of users, via the Internet / Intranet. The development of applications on the WEB is speedily realised using tools that we have created, so that trusted code is used over. The applications written this way produce very responsive systems which work well on the WEB, and in any browser. Premier can also offer the ability for users to run their applications on hosted servers across the internet.

Premier have developed application enhancing software for Apollo-FM using Bar Coding, and Portable Data Assistants (PDA's) to work with the Apollo-FM suite.  Smart phones are also available to connect with Apollo-FM, to pass information back to the server remotely. Premier have also developed an APP to run on smartphones and tablets to allow users to connect to Apollo-FM. This expertise has added further dimensions to the Apollo-FM product.

Apollo-FM has a Dashboard system that provides real time and historical information to decision makers . These dashboards are totally web based and can be manipulated by the end user, and allows them to drill down in to the data. They can also be used to bring together disparate databases so that Facilities, finance, and data from other systems can be used in the same dashboard.

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