I cannot get a dictionary item to work with ODBC, what am I doing wrong?

There are many reasons why a dictionary item will not work via ODBC. The most common reasons are that the dictionary item you are attempting to use is a dictionary item that has been interpreted incorrectly in the SQL table. For example the SQL table has identified the dictionary as Integer, when it should be VARCHAR (Variable Character), or the Dictionary has an MD2 conversion instead of MR2.

By typing CT DICT file_name   dictionary_item_name at TCL and looking at line number 7 of the item, you will be able to see whether there is an MD2 entry. If there is, use the D3 editor to change this from MD2 to MR2 and then recreate your SQL table.

You can check the dictionary data type for SQL by typing SQL-DISPLAY-TABLE FILENAME at TCL. If the type is wrong then get in contact with us and we will find assist you in changing the data type.

Premier Software run ODBC courses covering this and more advanced issues covering database connection. Please contact us for details.