I have connected to my database using ODBC but where are the tables?

Once you have successfully connected to your D3 database you will only be able to see the tables if you have created them. D3 is not a traditional SQL database therefore the user has to create the SQL tables for each D3 File by typing SQL-CREATE-TABLE filename (options) at TCL where the filename is the name of the file you wish to create an SQL table for. For example to create an SQL table for the assets file type, at TCL, SQL-CREATE-TABLE ASSETS. This will create the table for the D3 ASSETS file with all the dictionaries for use in ODBC. By typing a list of dictionary names after the file name (separated by spaces) the TABLE is created with a restricted dictionary list.

You can also do this by using the SQL Table creation feature on the Apollo-FM admin menu.

Premier Software run ODBC courses covering this and more advanced issues covering database connection. Please contact us for details.