How do I create a dictionary?

A dictionary is used to describe data to the D3 system. It is basically an item in the dictionary file of a table. They are 10 attributes long and below is an example of the asset description dictionary from the Assets table.

001 A
002 1
003 Asset Description
009 L
010 30

Note the line numbers (001 002 etc.) do not show unless you are using an editor.

The best way of creating these is by using the Create Dictionary screen in the Report Builder Section of Apollo-FM. There are wizards in there that will help you build Conversions and Correllatives. If something more advanced is required, then contact Premier Software Ltd, or if you have the skills use TCL.

Data dictionaries are very powerful and are the basis of all interrogation of the data in D3 including ODBC. This is a simple dictionary, you can create much more complex dictionaries by using attributes 7 and 8 to link to other files or perform calculations. Please refer to the D3 manuals or contact Premier Software Ltd. for training.