Welcome to the Premier Software Download Page. Here you will be able to download the latest versions of our software, presentations, demonstrations and user manuals.

Apollo-FM Latest Release

Download the latest version of Apollo-FM here. The upgrade is in the form of a self extracting executable that should be run on your Apollo-FM server. This will place a file into your TEMP directory - a pseudo-floppy save of Apollo-FM and the HTML. The Current Release of Apollo-FM allows you to load this file from it's menus. Please contact us for instructions.

Apollo-FM Update Pseudo

Apollo-FM For PDA

ODBC Driver For Apollo-FM and Termite for TCL

Download this version of the D3 ODBC Driver for use with Apollo-FM data / Termite for TCL.

D3 C35 ODBC Driver

D3 C35 64 Bit ODBC Driver

Termite 6.0 Evaluation (Two Weeks Only)

D3 9.1.2


The following user manuals for Apollo-FM modules are available for download. They are in PDF format and come as a self-extracting ZIP file:

Apollo-FM Quick Start Guide

FlashCONNECT Administration

Apollo-FM Apollo-FM ZIP

AQL Builder

FlashCONNECT Course

FlashCONNECT Admin Guide